Welcome to KatsTreeHouse - Where Imagination Comes to Life!

At KatsTreeHouse, our journey began in Amsterdam, Holland, in 2013, fueled by a deep passion for embracing a creative lifestyle. It all started when our founder, Katina Marsheall Cotton, published her first book, 'We R 1,' a collection of short poetic and inspirational stories. This work was born out of a profound spiritual awakening, realizing that the Universe and everything within it is One, emphasizing the power of unity and the creation of a harmonious paradise.

Building on this foundation, we embarked on another milestone with the 'Krushia' fantasy book series, taking readers on thrilling adventures filled with self-love, unity, and the beauty of transformation.

Reforming Imagination into Functional Creation

Now based in the USA, KatsTreeHouse is a diverse store, curating a wide range of fashion and everyday essentials. We take immense joy in ethical manufacturing, showcasing vibrant designs, and expressing profound thoughts through our wholesome inventory. From baby clothing to wireless chargers, we cater to all your desires.

Our founder's artistic talents extend to a myriad of creative pursuits, and she delights in sharing her creations with the world. You'll find her expressive touch in our women's leggings, dresses, tote bags, unisex hoodies, and t-shirts.

From Jeans to Abstracted Images

KatsTreeHouse began its journey by designing fancy yet comfortable jeans over a decade ago. As our founder honed her photography skills, she received accolades for her captivating images. This inspired her to combine her creativity and photography, imprinting her abstracted images on the products approved by Printify and Printful.

Unifying People and the World

Our brand emanates from the heart of our founder, driven by a purpose to create things that unite people and the world. At KatsTreeHouse, we encourage everyone to embrace their natural creativity and utilize their talents to make a positive impact.

A Global Shopping Adventure Awaits

We extend our assistance to customers across the globe, offering express shipping services worldwide. With vibrant alternatives, top-notch quality, and 24/7 support, we ensure 100% customer delight. Get ready to embark on a phenomenal shopping adventure at KatsTreeHouse!

Join us in celebrating the power of imagination and creativity. Let's create a world that thrives on unity, love, and artistic expression. Thank you for being part of our journey! 🌟🎨📚🌍