PU Cosmetic Bag


Stay prepared and stylish with our Waterproof PU Gear Bag, designed to keep your belongings safe from spills and easy to clean. Crafted with durable and waterproof PU fabric, this bag is perfect for everyday use or travel. The zip top closure adds an extra layer of security, ensuring your essentials are always protected.

Key Features:

  1. Durable and Waterproof PU Fabric: Made from high-quality PU material, this gear bag offers excellent durability and waterproof properties to safeguard your belongings.

  2. Convenient Zip Top Closure: The zip top closure provides easy access to your essentials while keeping them secure during your daily activities or travels.

  3. Optimal Size: With dimensions of 26x15x12cm (10.2"x5.9"x4.7"), this bag offers ample space to carry your belongings while remaining compact and portable.

Stay Organized and Prepared:

Whether you're heading to the office, running errands, or embarking on a journey, our Waterproof PU Gear Bag keeps your essentials organized and protected from unexpected spills.

All-Inclusive Custom Printing:

Personalize your gear bag with all-inclusive printing, allowing you to add a unique touch, custom design, or meaningful message.

Designed for Convenience:

Its lightweight and practical design make it suitable for various occasions, from daily use to exciting adventures.

Durable, Stylish, and Practical:

The Waterproof PU Gear Bag combines functionality, style, and durability to become your go-to companion for everyday use or travel.

Your Trusted Travel Companion:

Travel with confidence, knowing your essentials are safe and secure in this reliable and fashionable gear bag.

Upgrade Your Gear Protection:

Elevate your gear protection and organization with the Waterproof PU Gear Bag, your versatile and reliable companion for any occasion.

Explore with Peace of Mind:

Embrace the joy of daily activities or travel without worries of spills or damages to your belongings. Get your Waterproof PU Gear Bag today and experience the convenience and protection it offers.

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