Kiss-Cut Stickers


Customizable Kiss-Cut Stickers: Unleash Your Creativity!

Get ready to bring your vision to life with our kiss-cut stickers, offering you the ultimate flexibility for design implementation. This unique method allows the sticker to be precisely cut into any shape you desire, while keeping the back intact for effortless peeling.


  • Choose between a classic white or transparent background to complement your design.
  • For white stickers, a discreet grey adhesive is thoughtfully placed on the left side.
  • Four sizes are available, ensuring the perfect fit for your creative ideas.
  • Create your masterpiece using the PNG design format, supported for seamless sticker customization.
  • These stickers are ideal for indoor use, making them perfect for personalizing your space or belongings.
  • Please note that these stickers are not waterproof, so it's best to avoid exposure to water.

Let your imagination soar with our versatile kiss-cut stickers, tailored to match your unique style and preferences. Whether you're decorating your room, personalizing your belongings, or adding a touch of flair to special occasions, these stickers are the ideal canvas for your creativity. Embrace the endless possibilities and design the perfect stickers to express your vision today!

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